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Facial exercises to rejuvenate your skin

by hayan-skincare Admin on May 09, 2022

In Korea, both men and women pay a lot of attention to their skin care to keep it perfect and toned. Women are educated from a young age to know and apply different tricks that are passed from one to another generation.
Although the 10 steps of the Korean skincare routine seem to imply the opposite, their rituals do not always involve a large amount of products or as much expense. In addition to the exterior, the usually focus on the interior, trying to improve your circulation and keeping the muscles under your skin healthy.
There is a Korean sking care secret that is completely free and we want to share it whit you below:

Facial massages

Facial massages improve circulation and can vary in intensity. Here are four types you can do every morning and night to include in your skincare routine. All can be done in less than 3 minutes and you will begin to notice changes on your skin.

Use your knucless to massage your chin and forehead horizontally for 10 seconds, applying light pressure. This helps relax and energize your facial muscles.
Press your knuckles on your cheeks, under your cheekbones. This helps with circulation and keeps that area prone to sagging firmer.
Use your thumbs to press for 3 seconds between your eyebows to relieve tension aroud the eyes and increase circulation in that area.
With your four fingers (index finger to little finger) massage your face, starting from the jaw on both sides of your face and move them up and out (towards your cheek and ear area). Focus on doing it in the same direction, using all four fingers repeatedly for 15 seconds.

Facial Exercises

Just like your body, your face has muscles. Over time, not only can your skin lose its firmness, but your muscles as well. That is why there is a wide variety of exercises that Korean do to exercise this area. Here we share some of them with you, which you can do with a daily massage.
Repeat the vowels “A,E,I,O,U” loudly and in an exaggerated way, focusing on the movement of your lips and do 3 repetitions. For example, when you say the “A”, feel your mouth open as big as you can; when you say the “U”, lift your lips a lot.
Lift your lips and move them back and forth 6 times on both sides.
Smile and raise your face. Begin to pass saliva with your chin up. This helps to achieve firmness in the skin.
Do these exercise in the mornig and at night, after the last step of your skincare routine. Think of it as a quick pilates class for you can start incorporating into your lifestyle.
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